Total Lender Solutions

Total Lender Solutions is an independent trustee conducting non-judicial foreclosures and related services in Arizona, California, and Nevada for institutional, non-institutional, and private lenders.  

We pride ourselves on our personal relationships with our clients and our meticulous attention to detail, providing guidance to our clients through the complex and seemingly ever changing maze of default servicing.  

Total Lender Solutions also offers loan document preparation as well as in-house seminars on the foreclosure process.  Established in 2005, our principals have over 35 years’ experience in the real estate and foreclosure markets.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Total Lender Solutions helps institutional, private, and hard money lenders to navigate the complex maze of loan document drawing, foreclosure processing and UCC sales in California, Nevada, and Arizona. We’re best known for our extraordinary, comprehensive, hands-on approach to serving our client base.

Each fall, the United Trustees Association sponsors an educational seminar for the benefit of members and allied industries.

The seminar brings the year together in terms of legislative and case law changes of importance, as well as informing the membership of practice issues of interest to trustees.

The educational seminar is only part of the annual educational conference, which also includes a trade show that acquaints participants with vendors and services that improve trustee’s practice.

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